SARASOTA- It’s been 50 years since the Apollo mission put man on the moon and in those 50 years Space travel has gotten a lot more sophisticated, and the same goes for the food.

 “The food in Space is pretty good,” Astronaut Mike Massimino said. “We get just about everything you can get in Earth you can get in space but the difference is it’s always been something you need to heat up, whether you rehydrate food or get food ready to eat.”

When Astronaut Mike Massimino was last in space in 2009m he couldn’t bake himself… but that’s about to change.

“Through new technology developed by zero g kitchen and nano racks we’ll be able to bake things in Space,” Massimino said. “With raw materials, and the first food we’re going to be baking is a chocolate chip cookie.”

The oven is heading to space later this year for astronauts to continue to study.

“People think we’re spending money in Space,” Massimino said. “Well yeah we are, but what we’re really doing is understanding our planet, our universe and developing things that could be used on earth.”

The oven will also be helpful for the astronauts living there.

“We’ve been spending longer and longer periods of time in Space over the years,” Massimino said. “And nutrition is important to keep you healthy and keep you going, but also to remind you of home, it’s a morale builder it’s something to share with your crewmates.”

Because there is definitely food you miss while you’re up in Space.

“For me Pizza,” Massimino said. “You know growing up in New York where I grew up in my neighborhood there was a lot of good pizza available, there is a lot of good pizza here on earth,  but we really haven’t mastered that. So I hope this oven they’re developing for the cookies can be developed into a pizza oven in the future.”