PUNTA GORDA - It seems like everybody has a drone or at least knows someone who flies the small aircrafts in their free time. But, did you know there are regulations one should keep in mind each time before sending a drone into the air? 

These tips are something that the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office would like users to keep in mind. 

"So, the biggest thing that we see with people flying drones is that they're not sure of where restricted air space is," CCSO spokeswoman Katie Heck said. 

If you check out the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office blog on its website, you'll see an interactive map for not only Charlotte County but any other location where you may be interested in flying your drone. 

"So, the reason we shared this information on our blog is so that people can use that interactive map and see the abundance of action and air fields that we have here in Charlotte County which really limits the area where they're able to fly those drones safely," Heck said.