MANATEE CO - The structure behind Manatee County EMS Station 5 serves as a shelter for feral cats as part of Manatee County Animal Services' Working Cat Program. 

"When we have cats that come to Manatee County Animal Services like a feral colony sometimes there's situations where we can't return them to where they came from, and, so, those are sometimes the candidates that will be part of the working cat program," Manatee County Animal Services' Hans Wohlgefahrt said. 

A shelter such as this is the ideal location for these kind of cats. 

"These are not exactly the warm and fuzzy, cuddling type of cats. These are cats that want to be outside and they will benefit from the outdoor activity and doing their own thing and for businesses the benefit is truly that they have great roting control abilities and they will patrol the area," Wohlgefahrt said. 

Sherri Pellien is one of the two paramedics that came up with the idea. 

"I am very much an animal lover so if I can do anything to help animal, to me, they really don't have much of a voice so I can be there to help them, protect them, and make sure that their water is always there and food. I don't know, I like having them around," Pellien said. 

The cats are in good hands with Manatee County EMS. 

"Every morning at shift change we've made it a point to make sure the water and food are all cleaned out because we end up getting the ants and the raccoons come in after hours and they live to cover their food with water so the water is always dirty in the morning so all the water and dishes are changed, food is replenished. Right around 5 or 6 we'll do it again," Pellein said.