SARASOTA COUNTY - Essential oils are growing in popularity, offering a wide range of benefits when used in aromatherapy or topically, but what about in your favorite dishes? One Suncoast pizzeria adds a twist to your favorite Italian cuisine.

John Tatum, Owner of Pizza SRQ says the secret behind the perfect pizza is, "...cheese, sauce, dough. Judge a pie by a cheese pizza," he said. But the perfect dining experience requires something extra. "Essential oil balances your insides so when you eat our pizza, yeah do fill up, you do feel complete. But you almost never have that feeling, like a Thanksgiving, 'oh my god, I'm stuffed," he said.

At Pizza SRQ, it's an essential ingredient used everything from pizza dough, infused with rosemary and fennel to alfredo sauce with black pepper and lemongrass. Tatum is no stranger to the pizza business, He used his 25 years of experience to open Pizza SRQ in 2010.

Three years later, a local chef introduced him to an infused dish featuring his least favorite food. He said, "It had cucumber in it, which I cannot stand. It changed the whole flavor of the cucumber for me. I didn't repeat it, the next day I started making infused cuisine."

Customers have said it also eases indigestion,allowing lactose intolerants to enjoy classic cheese pizza again. He said, "It gives therapeutic benefits my customers do not even realize. It adds shelf life to food, it preserves food, it balances PH levels of food."

Essential oils add a mild flavor Tatum said only your palette will recognize "People take a bite and don't say anything, they take a second bite, and usually on their third bite, they're like 'oh my god. This is some of the best pizza. I've ever had. What do you do with it?' That's the secret behind essential oils'."

Pizza SRQ adds a twist to Italian classics from low–carb cauliflower pizza crusts to vegan cheese. Ingredients going against the grain, in a recipe for a pizzeria unlike any other on the Suncoast.

Pizza SRQ also offers vegan, gluten–free, and keto options. The restaurant was awarded with a certificate of excellence by trip advisor in 2016.

Pizza SRQ is located at 5674 Palmer Blvd, Sarasota, FL 34232. The Pizzeria recently introduced an app through iOS and Android.