SARASOTA - A residential road in Holmes Beach would be covered in water on a rainy day if it wasn't for a water infiltration system installed by the city. 

"The idea behind the infiltration trench is A. provide a temporary storage capacity for the storm water, to gain some time in order to allow the water to percolate through the different layers, preferably the native scent and eventually to direct the water to the bay," City of Holmes Beach Eran Wasserman said. 

"We're on a barrier island, it's something that our engineer highly recommended and it's a way to get the water out of the streets and it's all for public safety and keeping the roads high and dry," Holmes Beach Mayor Judy Titsworth said. 

The system features whats called a "Wastop" valve that prevents back flow and flooding in the pipes. 

"The water exits the city into the canals and water ways. A Wastop valve is installed on the outflow pipes so it allows the water to leave but it doesn't allow the salt water to come back on high tide," Titsworth said. 

The city is exploring adding more infiltration systems and other options to cut back on flooding. 

"We are looking into including some type of vegetation in order to provide a little bit more green space in the city, so, currently we would like to explore what type of vegetation can work under the specific circumstances of soil, stone, and water," Wasserman said.