SARASOTA COUNTY -Sarasota County Schools have good reason to boast. The Florida Department of Education released the official school grades across the state and in Sarasota County 34 schools received a A grade, and 10 received B's. There were no F schools in the entire district. Sarasota County School Board Chair Jane Goodwin explains why the district’s bragging rights don’t end there.

“16 years as an A districts is not a small feat. We’re one of only two districts in the 67 counties in the state of Florida who have maintained an A every year. This is a great day for us, it’s going to be a great next year and we think that we are the best district in the state," says Goodwin.

Several schools within the district improved their school grades for the year. Sarasota was one of 24 school districts in the state to earn an A grade. The State’s grades are based off things like standardized tests, high school graduation rates and learning gains.