SARASOTA- Rip Currents are popping up along Suncoast Beaches and the risk remains high on the beaches until Friday night.

“We’ve had a few and we’ve had our lifeguards busy and they’ve made some rescues yes.”

Barry is staying away from the Suncoast, but it is bringing some danger to the beaches.

“Generally we have high onshore breezes,” Lifeguard Captain Roy Routh said. “And what that does is, is generates the rip current which pulls you out to sea if you will.”

You can identify rip currents by bands of foam churning seawardly, but they can be hard to see from shore.

“Most people don’t realize they’re in a rip current,” Routh said. “And they try to work their way back into shore and they make little or no progress, and so they try harder, and they become more exhausted and panic starts to set in.”

Panicking can be dangerous. Routh says remain calm and stay in the current until you feel it start to dissipate.

“If you feel something pulling you out away from the shore,” Routh said. “Try not to panic, just tread water, and move either to your right or to your left parallel to shore, and swim parallel to shore to get out of the current.”

Routh says to ensure your safety swim near a lifeguard and pay attention to posted warnings.

“Look at the flags,” Routh said. “Because generally we will have flags that indicated red which is high hazard, or if they’re double red we don’t want people to swim at all.”

Before you head out to the beach you can also check to see the status of beach conditions.