NORTH PORT - North Port’s City limits just became a lot tastier.

In a unanimous decision Tuesday, North Port City Commissioners voted to allow mobile food vendors to roll in. The permits are good for a year and cost $100 to obtain. Those looking to bring their traveling cuisines into the North Port must show proof of a valid mobile food dispensing service license. North Port City Public Information Officer Josh Taylor says the decision is receiving positive feedback from the community already.

“I think our demographics are perfect for this type of venture. It’s not just food truck, it’s actually mobile vendor. So it could be things like ice cream carts and things like that for people who come to different events and functions that the City puts on all year long," says Taylor.

Taylor says the City hosts a number of events throughout the year and broadening the types of mobile food vendors permitted helps to bring in a bigger variety. He says the new regulations do not allow for vendors to sell alcohol.