SARASOTA COUNTY - A widely debated project was narrowly approved by Sarasota County commissioners Wednesday night. Now, residents of a rural Sarasota County 2050 subdivision worry about what comes next.

A five hour county commission meeting Wednesday night ended in disappointment for residents of Boleyn Road. Resident, Cassandra Meyer said, "To be honest, it was just devastation...very upsetting. Kind of left me wanting more, wondering what they were thinking."

Commissioners approved a rezone in a 3-2 vote, giving the green light to developer, Lakewood Ranch–based, Sam Rogers Homes to build 37 homes on 49 acres. It concluded a bitter battle, neighbors fought for more than a year. Meyer said, "We basically became attorneys and planners to fight this rezone and to lose at the end is heartbreaking. Now we are stuck with a subdivision that is in a flood plain that I don't think should have been approved."

In the meeting Wednesday night, a spokesperson from Sam Rogers said  the  project includes conservation efforts. "There's about 25 acres of recreated wetland. Also in the wetland, there's about 100 foot buffers around the whole perimeter of the property," she said.

The developer also addressed traffic concerns...agreeing to pave Boleyn Road leading up to the subdivision's entrance and vowed its mystic canopy oak trees will remain untouched.

But for Meyer,living in her childhood home, the open space and dirt roads she grew up with won't be the same for her three children. She said, "You move there because you want to have your 5 acres and you want to have your space and now they've basically interjected that (with) a cluster development right next to me."

Her father, Leonard lived in the same home for more than 30 years, accepting the decision but asks commissioners to consider safety concerns. He said, "Make sure our road to our home is safe and passable and everything through construction phase all the way through my grand kids being 25 years old."

But Cassandra worries for the future of other rural neighborhoods. She said, "The lack of concern is very upsetting."