NORTH PORT —The food trucks are coming! The food trucks are coming!

The North Port City Commission gave food trucks unanimous approval on Tuesday to operate within city limits. North Port Mayor Christopher Hanks said the ordinance was three years in the making.

"This should've been done a long time ago," Hanks said, according to the Herald Tribune.

Previously, food truck vendors could only operate in North Port under a special event permit. Now they can operate on certain city–owned property — including Dallas White Park, The Garden of the Five Senses, Highland Ridge Park and City Center Green — and appropriately zoned private property.

To qualify for a city permit, vendors must pay a $100 fee and have insurance, as well as a valid mobile food dispensing license from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. They must also provide a list of all items intended for sale and pass a fire and safety inspection by the North Port Fire Rescue Department.

Permits are valid for one year. More information on the process is available by reading the ordinance on North Port's website.