SARASOTA - Since 1979 the Florida Center for Early Childhood has helped thousands of children and families with providing developmental and mental therapy for young children.

“The Florida Center started about 40 years ago by a local pediatrician who recognized the need for wrap around services for our younger students,” said Susan Carney

Carney, Principal of the Starship Academy, says the center provides allows for students to receive therapy and go to school in one location. The goal is to prepare VPK students for their transition into the classroom.

“We’re a one stop shop for therapy for our little one and early childhood education," said Carney. "So they can come to school they can get a quality early childhood education and get their therapies during their school day.”

Jessica Angell enrolled her 5-year-old son Easton Angell to the center to help with his behavioral challenges. She says thanks to the hard work of the teachers and staff Easton has made tremendous progress.

“It’s been amazing the Florida Center has truly been amazing," said Angell. "For him just knowing that he’s coming here people that understand him that are able to provide him with a little bit of help in the departments that he’s struggling in has truly been great for him.”

Jessica hopes Easton is able to take everything he learned at the Florida Center as he enters kindergarten this upcoming school year.

"Completing VPK he had created a lot of relationships here," said Angell. We just recognized that he was really able to transition well and meeting new friends. We hope that, that will carry through to his experience starting in kindergarten this year."