SARASOTA- The Republican Party of Sarasota County paid a “compliance fee” to the agency investigating alleged elections violations.

It’s not clear if an April payment by the Sarasota GOP to the Florida Election Commission is to settle complaints alleging the party violated election law to help Sarasota City Commission Candidate Martin Hyde in what is supposed to be a non-partisan race.

“The complaints allege that they got around that by funneling money from Hyde through these political committees to the Republican Party of Sarasota County,” Anderson said. “Which then paid for a mailer saying the party supported Martin Hyde.”

Complaints are NOT public, but Hyde has told the Sarasota Herald-Tribune he paid a fine.

“He’s basically said that he didn’t know that what he did was wrong,” Anderson said. “And he just kind of admitted it and said that he wants to move on.”

Acting Chair of the Republican Party Jack Brill says they cannot comment on the investigation, but according to Herald-Tribune Political Editor Zac Anderson second quarter financial filings show a fine may have been paid.

“In April they paid a $2,008 dollar compliance fee,” Anderson said. “And sources of mine say that this was basically an offer to settle this case.”

Anderson says the issue could be raised in upcoming political campaigns.

“it could even be the subject of political attacks going forward or things like that,” Anderson said. “Or things like that alleging that people have acted nefariously in the past.”