10 world championships, a handful of world records, and still coming back to the Suncoast for more. The Miss GEICO Offshore racing is a powerhouse globally. Headquartered in Riviera Beach, Florida, when it comes to Miss GEICO Offshore Race team, there is just something different.

“I think what sets Miss GEICO apart from other teams is we treat everything we do seriously,” Scotty Begovich said.

Begovich, a Miss GEICO partner has truly been through it all his time with the race team. 

“I literately done everything in a boat except hurt myself,” Begovich said.

At this point, Sarasota feels like a second home to Begovich, “most of the 4th of July’s of my life have been spent in Sarasota.”

For the upcoming 2019 Sarasota Grand Prix, Begovich will not be aboard the Miss GEICO boat, but instead will be driving the truck that allows the team to move the neon eye popper wherever is necessary. 

“I raced this boat for 12 years, and the first time I drove this truck through the mountains I scared myself more than I did all 12 years I did in the boat, and going over 200mph,” Begovich said.

For a team that has more than 100 individual race victories under its belt, the race that will take place off the sand of Lido beach is circled on their calendar.

“Sarasota is one of our Meccas of offshore Powerboat racing,” Begovich said.

The team is running out of space in their trophy case, as they eye world championship number 11.

 “We test and we practice, and we do our homework. And we believe we prepare harder than any other team in the sport, which ultimately leads us to all of our successes,” Begovich said.