SARASOTA - Steve Keyser rarely misses a day on the golf course.

“I think it’d be easier to ask, 'How long haven't I been a golfer?'" Keyser said.

He played golf in high school and college and studied law. He practiced real estate law in Sarasota for forty years.

“I had a secretary that had been in the healthcare industry before, and she noticed I had a tremor in my hand, and I didn’t even know it; I didn’t notice it," Keyser said. 

The day before his 50th birthday, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

“That was a dark night," he said. "First I went to a number of doctors because I was in disbelief."

They all confirmed it was Parkinson’s. But instead of getting down, Steve got involved, at Parkinson Place and with Michael J. Fox.

"It’s been a great journey, and it continues to be a great journey,” Steve's Wife, Phyllis, said. " In a way Parkinson's has been a real push like you need to do things."

He does a lot to stay busy but says it can be hard.

“I just can’t play that well anymore, and I have very understanding people that I play with who have been very supportive," Keyser said. 

"He’s my little Stevie Wonder, and he’s carried through this disease with such grace," Phyllis Keyser said.

"I just have to deal with what I've got," Steve said.

When he’s not on the golf course Steve sells real estate with his son, and he donates some of his profits to Parkinson's research.