SARASOTA-  Sarasota Memorial’s Health Care System’s has a green light to start construction on its new Venice Hospital.

 “I’m quite excited about it being close by and off the island,” Venice Resident Julia Osborne said. “And I think Sarasota Memorial is a wonderful non-profit hospital.”

Final hurdles needed to start construction passed the Venice City Council with no opposition.

“Just the fact of having Sarasota Memorial come,” Venice Mayor John Holic said. “Sarasota Memorial is a taxpayer supported hospital, and in the past residents of the city of Venice really didn’t have easy access to Sarasota Memorial.”

By the end of 2021, Patients in South Sarasota County will have full access to all of Sarasota Memorial’s services in a convenient location.

“General surgery,” Sarasota Memorial Hospital of Venice President Sharon Roush said. “Vascular surgery, neurology, medicine, orthopedics, really a full spectrum of services will be offered at this campus.”

Sarasota Memorial is also offering services not currently available in South County.

“Probably the biggest thing that is not offered is going to be labor and delivery,” Roush said. “That’s the main new service that is going to be coming to the area, so we’re very excited about that.”

The new 365 thousand square foot hospital and medical office building will have room to grow. 

“This hospital while it’s starting at 110 beds can grow up to 270,” Roush said. “The medical office building can more or less double in size, and plus we’re only developing maybe 2/3 of the actual campus to start.”

Venice Mayor John Holic says it will be a necessary asset to a fast-growing community.

“It’s a portion of town that’s getting built up quite rapidly,” Holic said. “And really needs the hospital to be there. It’s also great competition for our existing hospital.”

Construction is expected to start this week.