SARASOTA -- 29 year-old Sarasota fighter, Johnnie Langston is chasing his dream the only way he knows how, in the boxing ring.

“If you have a dream, go head and chase your dream,” Langston said.

Langston trains at the Sarasota Boxing Club. The place has been around since 1985, shifting around four different venues before hunkering down on the intersection of 15th and North Lime the last decade. One thing, has never changed, Coach Harold Wilen.

“I love to teach, I was a teacher by profession for years,” Wilen said. When Langston was 13, he was the number three ranked third in the United States for his age division. In the 16 years between then and now, Johnnie hung out with the wrong crowd, and spent time in prison. Now, it is full steam ahead. “He’s undefeated as a pro, 7-0 with three knock-outs, and we have a big opportunity next month in Pittsburgh,” said Wilen. 

Coach Harold trained former 10th ranked pound for pound fighter in the world, Johnny Williams in the 90’s. Now, coach Harold and Williams are shaping the next great Sarasota boxer. “It’s just like having your own child, you are molding him to be the man. And that’s just what I think he will be,” Williams said. 

A guy who has shared a ring with the likes of Mike Tyson, Williams sees something special: “He’s a beast. His skill set is higher than mine ever was. He is physically gifted.”

The southpaw, Langston, has his next fight scheduled for July 13th in Pittsburgh, where he will fight 10-1 Pen Chuck.The sky is the limit for the former teenage superstar, chasing his dream one day at a time.

“You all are looking at the next world champion, from Sarasota. Top four belts world champion,” Williams said.