PALMETTO - Dickie V wears his emotions on his sleeve, but his heart is with his fight against pediatric cancer. Now, Vitale is getting record-money where his heart is.

As the Lakewood Ranch resident and ESPN college basketball analyst hosted his 14th Dick Vitale Gala, the founder and CEO of Palmetto-based "It Works!" knew he could make a difference. Mark Pentecost thought of all the kids he has known, or heard of, battling cancer, and he pledged $1.11 million.

It was the biggest single donation in the history of the Gala. Pentecost, his wife Cindy, and the Pentecost Foundation began with a $100,000 donation, but they realized they could do more, and so for Dick Vitale and the kids, they did. Dick’s passionate plea to all those present at the Gala, in additon to Mark and Cindy Pentecost and their family, was overwhelmingly embraced by all, raising $4.3 million in total.