SARASOTA- She says it hit her like a bolt of lightning.

“I just had the desire to create and teach myself new pieces of software," explained Diana de Avila.

A 2017 multiple sclerosis relapse led to her realization.

“It is progressive. I will never give up. I will keep creating,"she said.

Diana de Avila, a disabled army veteran is making waves in the art community as The Red Dot Artist.

“My hope is that it can bring some joy or relaxation if they look at it or make them feel something," said de Avila.

After a traumatic brain injury or TBI, a spinal cord injury, and an M.S. relapse, de Avila says it’s like her brain was rewired, and turned her disabilities into artistic ability.

“It’s one of the most beautiful integrations of pain and hurt and trials and tribulations to bring out something so beautiful," said de Avila.

Although de Avila says the TBI and multiple sclerosis affect her vision and sensation in her hands, she uses her experience as an engineer to digitally create her pieces.

" It brings it into this new thing that became very therapeutic," said de Avila.

Sometimes her art speaks for her.

“My brain of times feels like this- a collision," said de Avila.

Now, she’s speaking up and encouraging others to find their passion.

“Don’t give up," she said, "keep trying and if you want to do it try it do it. Fail get back up try something else.”

To learn more about, or see more of The Red Dot Artist's work, visit her website