BRADENTON - The horse stables that belong to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office were on full display at Saturday's Mounted Patrol Open House. 

"The open house today is to pretty much unveil the revamped stabling that we have for the sheriff's office and to pretty much let the general public know that the Sheriff's Office has a mounted unit and where the stables are," Manatee County Sheriff's Deputy Holly Combee said. 

Some residents may not know the roles of the horses and that they've actually served both the Sheriff's Office and Manatee County in many different capacities over the last few decades. 

"Yeah, that's exactly what we find with the Mount Unit. We go out and work with the horses we frequently are approached by people and say, oh, I didn't even know the Sheriff's had horses. In reality, the mounds unit has been in existence for well over 30 years," Combee said. 

The open house was well received by visitors. 

"I'm a big fan of the Sheriff's Office and supporting their local sheriff and the deputies and it's a fun event. It builds a good fellowship between everybody - adults and children and the Sheriff's Office," Bradenton resident Leslie Frankart said.

Frankart learned that the horses aren't simply used for crowd control. 

"I understand the horses are mostly crowd control and they're public relations. They're public relations dreams I think for the Sheriff's Office and that's a positive note for our Manatee County Sheriff's," Combee said.