MANATEE - It’s time to lace up your roller skates. “It looks worse than it feels,” said Andrea "Zombelina" Cannistra.

Morgan "Texas Chainsaw Mascara" Trent and Cannistra eat, breath, and live roller derby. A passion they share with the nearly 30 other women on the team.

“I feel like it’s really comparative to any other high intensity sport, not even specifically a contact sport,” said Trent.

Understanding roller derby is pretty straight forward. Just follow the players with the star or stripe on their helmet. They’re the ones who can score points. The rest of the player’s role is simply to block.

“You’re gonna have five people on the track from both teams. One jammer, one pivot and three blockers. And the jammer is going to be kinda doing laps and however many blockers they pass, including the pivot, is how many point they get,” said Cannistra.

Roller derby is known to be an aggressive sport but new rules limit the amount of contact players can make with one another. Legal target zones to hit players are only from your shoulder to mid-thigh.

“It’s a full contact port on eight wheels. It can be pretty dangerous if you don’t know how to fall correctly, if you don’t know how to hit someone, if you don’t know how to take a hit,” said Trent.

And I f you’re interested in being part of the team tryouts are being held June 3rd for both males and females. You don’t even need past experience to try out.

“If you’re excited to come for recruitment just show up we’ll talk about it the first night, you will not be on skates the first night which is important to know," said Trent. "We’ll come and we’ll talk about time commitments and what you can expect going forward as far as training and safety and you know talk about skates.”

The Bradentucky Bomber next bout is Saturday at the Ellenton Ice & Sports Complex starting at five. For more information on the team visit their website