SARASOTA - For people who’ve survived a stroke the road to recovery maybe a long one. But the men and women at Sarasota Memorial Hospital look to lend a helping hand in that recovery process.

“The brain is a fascinating thing depends on the area that the stroke affects kinda translates to the severity of the stroke,” said Dr. Aurora Wong.

Medical Director at SMH Dr. Wong says every patient’s recovery process is different. Some are lucky enough get treatment in time that doesn’t require rehabilitation at a medical facility.

“Some people are very lucky they do require quite well because they get here within that three hour period, they get treated and they can function,” said Dr. Wong.

Others aren’t so lucky, but the staff at SMH has the capability to help stroke survivors who may be dealing with effects of a severe stroke.

“Our facility here is definitely is here to accommodate more moderate to severe strokes because they need more medical attention," said Dr. Wong. "It’s definitely a life changing thing that has happened.”

Dr. Wongs says SMH has a team approach when helping stroke victims recover. From speech therapy to psychologist SMH has the resources to help. “They will come in here, they’ll get to know the patient at first how far they can push them,” she said.

Simple activities such as grocery shopping, to combing your hair and even walking around are all ways to regain motor functions affected by the stroke.

“I really feel that this program works because it is definitely a team approach here,” said Dr. Wong.  “You also have that physical and cognitive part and it’s just beautiful when it works all together with psychical therapies, occupational therapies, speech therapies and nurses and doctors. It’s just this work of art that comes together like a mosaic.”