MANATEE- Even three decades after the last Law Enforcement Officer was killed in the line of duty in Manatee County, every year the agencies come together and read the names of the nine lost.

“It’s a time for not only Police Officers throughout the nation but also the communities we serve,” Chief Bevan said. “To take pause and recognize the job that they do every day, and remember those that have fallen.”

“It’s our way of honoring those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice, here in Manatee County,” Sheriff   Wells said. “Some of them were very good friends of mine.”

Those include Manatee County Sheriff’s Officer Detective Herbert Grims, and State Trooper Jeffery Young, whose families were in attendance.

“Jeff Young was a true hero,” Wells said. “He was a family man, he was a law enforcement officer who truly cared about getting drugs off the street in Manatee County.”

“As a rookie with only two months on the job in St. Pete,” Chief Bevan said. “I came to his funeral, and that day, that moment that I participated in in that funeral defined me for the next 30 years.”

Manatee County Sheriff Rick Wells says it’s important they keep their memory alive for officers and recruits.

“They need to understand that he was more than just a trooper,” Wells said. “He was truly worried about all of us, and they need to serve their community with those thoughts in mind.”

The event honored nine officers in total and included remarks from keynote speaker Commissioner Reggie Bellamy.