CHARLOTTE COUNTY- Missing Charlotte County teen Sage Cambron is safe after being found with her biological mother in Clinton, Mississippi.

“Great, it’s great news,” Port Charlotte Resident Chuck Dykeman said. “Made my morning that’s for sure.”

15-year-old Sage Cambron’s Port Charlotte neighbors are glad to hear she is safe after being kidnapped from her foster home Monday.

“We just couldn’t believe something like this happened in this area,” Dykeman said. “Because it’s so quiet, nothing like this ever happened here.”

After seeing Sage with her mother in sunpass toll pictures, Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office started tracking Brenda Cambron’s phone, which pinged this morning in Clinton Mississippi.”

“While they were checking the hotels for us,” Heck said. “It was just an officer that saw that vehicle in the McDonald’s parking lot, but took the initiative even though it was not a Florida tag on the vehicle anymore to really look into it a little further and then make contact with the mother and with Sage for us.”

“We were able to verify two active felony warrants,” Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman said. “One out of Florida for kidnapping and interfering with custody, and a second warrant out of Louisiana for narcotics trafficking.”

Sage is currently being cared for by Mississippi Department of Human Services.

“Our top concern is making sure that this has really been a really disruptive thing for her,” Heck said. “Especially with some of her disabilities that I’m sure require a lot of stability and type of comfort  that she needs.”

Brenda Cambron faces charges of kidnapping, interference of child custody, and removing the child from the state. But Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office is still doesn’t know how she located her daughter.

“She was reported missing in that window of where she would normally walk outside and be picked up by her school bus in the driveway,” Heck said. “And her foster mother reported her missing when she did not make it on the school bus.”

Brenda Cambron is in custody awaiting transfer to either Florida or Louisiana , it is unclear which state waste will be transferred to first.