SARASOTA- Sarasota Memorial Hospital’s South garage turned into a decontamination center today As they teamed up with Sarasota County Emergency Services for a decontamination drill. Hospital employees were in full hazmat gear as emergency services brought in dozens of patients who were exposed to an unknown toxin.

The drill had full showers and decontamination tents set up for triage. Stephen Moyer, Director of Public Safety for Sarasota Memorial Health Care System says it’s important they test they’re responses.

 “It also tests our cooperation with local law enforcement,” Moyer said. “EMS and the Fire and Rescue service, when they’re on the scene of an incident that we receive that’s a mass contamination incident, what they do is they let us know that there is patients that are inbound, what we do is alert our decon team who come in and set up in the south garage here today, with the ability to decontaminate them before they enter the emergency room.” 

After the drill they will work with hospital staff and emergency services to determine where they can improve.