MANATEE COUNTY - When hearing the word 'hypnotism', many think of voodoo magic or putting a spell over someone for entertainment purposes. But that's not the case for millions across the globe. Hypnotism is not like the movies. Certified Consulting Hypnotist at Lakewood Ranch's Four Pillars, Shana Rosenthal said, "It's really the power of your subconscious mind. It's very, very common to have that inner critical voice hold you back and it isn't necessary. With hypnosis, you can train it, get over it, and move on."

Hypnotism helps ease anything from worry and fear to smoking addiction. Hypnotists can put you under a state of hypnosis through various techniques. She said, "Figure out what induction is best for the individual clients is to take a full history and analyze the type of personality that they are."

Whether it's staring at a stationary object or closing your eyes. Clients are put in the pilot's seat, while certified hypnotists help navigate. She said, "As long as you go to a hypnotist who is well–trained, you're really looking at between three and five sessions and you should feel amazing after the first session."

Christine Davenport tried out hypnosis after not feeling good enough to teach yoga, despite clocking in more than 500 hours of training. "I found myself throwing a lot of road blocks in the way and really sabotaging my ability to go forward. It wasn't anything anyone else would have noticed. These were just little voices in my head that suggested to me that I wasn't ready and I wasn't good enough to do it."

Davenport visited Shana; after 3 sessions, Davenport said those voices disappeared. She said, "I always felt safe, I always felt completely in control of what I was doing and saying." Now, Davenport is supervisor of Four Pillars yoga studios.

She said, "It was a complete revolution, not only in my work as a teacher but in my role as an adult." 

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