March 4th, 1993, Jim Valvano announced the creation of the V Foundation for cancer research, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for cancer. “We need more people to understand the severity, because we are not getting enough dollars. We need dollars for our research experts to battle this disease,” Vitale said.

Insert Dick Vitale, the lovable, one of a kind college basketball icon. Dickie V has been making us all smile during his basketball broadcasts for decades. Away from the court, Vitale’s efforts to raise money for cancer research have been nothing short of spectacular. On May 10th, for the 14th year in a row, the Dick Vitale Gala is coming to Sarasota.

“We hope this year to break the record. I need help from all you people to break the record, we need $4 million. I want to get it this year.”

The annual event will take place at the Ritz Carlton. Star studded honorees include ESPN Broadcaster Chris Fowler, former head coach of the Dallas Mavericks Avery Johnson, and the head coach of the defending College Football Champions Clemson Tigers, Dabo Swinney. As well as John Saunders V Foundation Courage Award recipients, Lee Corso and Holly Rowe. Over the 13 years the Gala has raised $25.2 million for cancer research. 

“So please I beg you out there, if you have a healthy child, a healthy grandchild, you have someone out there that you love, please help us, please donate, you may save someone you love," Vitale said.

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