MANATEE COUNTY - Manatee County deputies are still hunting for a man they say shot two men early Monday morning at Spot 26 bar in Bradenton. Deputies are describing their suspect as a dark black male, 6’ tall, stocky build and goes by the name “Scooter.” Community members and neighboring business owners say this string of violence is nothing new from the late-night lounge.

“lt’s a nightmare that opened up. All it does is bring in bad clientele, bad people. It’s a condemned building that’s falling apart," said Bradenton resident Steven.

Sources say Spot 26 crowds spilling out onto the side streets of the bar after hours is part of the problem and often leads to violence. Detectives say Monday night’s shooting started as an argument indoors. "When he got outside, another person tried to intervene in this argument and our suspect pulled out a gun and shot both victims," said MSCO public information officer Randy Warren.

That’s when the second shooting victim ran down the middle of 43rd avenue west toward the Waffle House for help while the first victim ran along the side of the building before eventually collapsing by the back door of the club. Neighbors say patrons tracking the problems from the club to their homes and businesses is nothing new. Many deal with garbage and broken glass ending up on their property.

”We’ve seen some problem in and around this club in the past. Certainly people do need to be careful where they’re out somewhere late at night and tempers fly and unfortunately sometimes it ends up with shots being fired," said Warren.

Warren says both victims remain in the hospital but are in stable condition. Anyone with information on Monday’s shooting is asked to contact the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office or Crimestoppers.