SARASOTA - Fresh Flamingo Owner Patrik Malatinszki says it’s a problem everywhere.

“Everybody’s working hard and they don’t have time to cook, and they like to eat healthy,” Malatinszki said. 

So through his love of healthy food, he's making it easier, with Fresh Flamingo.

Malatinszki’s been in Sarasota for seven years and says starting a new business has been a challenge, but he did it, creating the Fresh Flamingo website and making healthy food to deliver daily.

As long as you place your order by 4 p.m., you can have lunch brought to you the next day.

“You don’t have to order 10 meals; you can order one meal a day," Malatinszki said.

You can choose from four healthy categories: vegan, fitness, comfort and beach.

“We call it 'beach' because of our beautiful beach here," Malatinszki said. "It comes with seafood, shrimp, salmon, cod, mahi-mahi..”

The menu changes daily, taking the cooking, shopping, cleaning and worry out of your meal prep.

“It takes only five minutes to set it up for the whole week, and you have fresh meals everyday,” Malatinszki said.

Meals range from $10 to $12. To place an order directly to your workplace click here.