SARASOTA - The Sarasota Film Festival came to an end Sunday with the last few films screening at the Regal Hollywood.

The closing night film and award ceremony took place Saturday night at the Sarasota Opera House. The Third Wife won the narrative feature award. American Factory won the documentary feature award and Emmy Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated actress Anne Heche was honored with a Career Tribute Award.

"It's very meaningful to be given the award for the roles that I played that matter to people. It takes so much courage to tell their story be specific. Getting a movie made is a very difficult thing to do," said Heche "So in giving them the sight and the seeing and the privilege and the honor of showing people who they are then the more community comes together to and help support their next story."

Greg Kinnear's film "PHIL" premiered as the closing night film in which he made his directorial debut and stared in the film.