SARASOTA - Hundreds of volunteers gathered to clean up Sarasota as part of the Great American Cleanup.

Keep Sarasota Beautiful partnered with recycling partnership to clean up Centennial Park.

Divers and Kayakers took to the water to collect pounds of trash from the area. The initiative was part of the new recycling bins rolled out in Sarasota to keep trash from blowing away.

"We wanted to get education out there to help people understand that the new recycling bins with the lids are helping debris from blowing away," said Jeff Vredenburg, Sustainability Program Educator. "But also getting people out realizing that there's a lot of trash in nature and in the environment helps them realize that oh there is trash out there and we gotta do our part."

Things pulled out from the water included an 80s style boom box, crab pots and even parts of boats that have called the seabed home.