SARASOTA - A raffle is held for a homeless military veteran to take home a brand new bike. Many homeless vets face problems regarding transportation and this is just one of the ways Jewish Family and Children's Services wants to aid homeless vets at its 7th annual stand down for Homeless Veterans at Sarasota Fairgrounds Saturday. 

"What Stand-Down is a community that comes together and offers a day of respite for our men and women who have served our country. Particularly, we're here today to offer lots of different services for homeless veterans," JFCS CEO Heidi Brown said. 

The event featured different amenities that homeless veterans may have trouble gaining access to. 

"Lots of different things - personal hygiene, health screening, legal, medical, and they'll actually leave with a duffle bag of shoes, undergarments, things that people need that you might think about but they don't have," JFCS CEO Heidi Brown said.