MANATEE COUNTY - James Rahming and his co-pilot were flying a Robinson R-22 helicopter to perform "ship scans", or, to take photos of ships on Sarasota Bay. 

The last maneuver turn we went it, we lost power, and then what happened is the helicopter started to fall out of the sky. It wasn't that high, it was about 100 feet or lower and we managed to bring level to the water to sit it nicely on the water," Rahming said. 

Rahming attributes being an experienced pilot as the reason both of the men were able to walk away from the emergency landing unscathed. 

"To be honest, it was good piloting skill on both of our part. We were able to bring the helicopter completely to the water and land on the top of the water but the floats were not strong enough to keep it afloat so it just tipped on the side," Rahming said.