TALLAHASSEE - A Parental rights bill gathers momentum in the Senate.

The legislation, sponsored by Sen. Joe Gruters, R– Sarasota, would require school districts to notify parents if they learn sensitive information about a student, advanced through the Senate Committee on Education on Wednesday.

The bill would require school districts to share information about children with parents, even if that information was not something the students wanted their parents to know. If it passes, the law could override a controversial Sarasota County School Board policy  adopted last fall that allows the school district to withhold information from parents about a student's gender identity or sexual orientation.

Opponents, however, say the bill is an attempt to prevent children from having access to contraceptives and runs the risk of preventing students from seeking the help they need because they don't want their parents to know their struggles.

Nicolette Springer, speaking on behalf of the League of Women Voters, asked lawmakers to consider the issue from the point of view of a student who is struggling with their sexual identity and wants to confide in an adult but isn't ready to tell their parents.