SARASOTA - Aging isn’t necessarily the most fun process, but it can be made easier.

"We like to use the term, 'aging in place,'" Medical Department Store Owner Kevin McCord said. "A lot of people aren’t wanting to go to a nursing home or assisted living, kind of want to stay in their homes, so they’re looking for products to help them do that.”

Many of them are looking no further than the Parks Kalmia bed.

“It functions like a hospital bed, but it’s actually more like an adjustable bed but has those additional features,” McCord said.

McCord says as word about the specialized bed gets out they’ve seen more sales since Christmas. Danielle Ballard bought the Parks bed for her grandfather, who slept in a recliner for years.

“..because he has some health issues," Ballard said. "He does have diabetes and some heart issues as well. He gets lightheaded when he lays flat, or even remotely flat.”

So she did some research and found the bed. She says it helps him get better rest, and do simple tasks many of us don’t even think about.

“When he has to get up and use the restroom it’s just easier for him; he doesn’t struggle as much,” Ballard said.

“People can sleep like they used to, but have the functions of a hospital bed that doesn’t look like a hospital bed,” McCord said.

Letting seniors hold on to their independence.

The Medical Department Store also has locations in Venice, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers and Naples. The Parks bed starts around $1,500 depending on size and additional features.