Over a dozen dancers prepare for their annual Spring Showcase at Dancing on the Suncoast this Saturday. The event will test the skills of the studio's students and critique how far they've come. The dance studio, as many others, teaches a curriculum, and students can advance from Pre-Bronze to Bronze, Silver and Gold. The students who perform are evaluated based on the level they current

Many students have been practicing for months and some are performing choreographed solo routines. Lily Weippert has been a student there for three years. "2016 I was in a total depression. I don't know why but I was. And I thought, this sounds like fun and nobody knows me here. It's powerful. I will dance to my grave," Weippert says. 

She will be performing three solos this Saturday. And full disclosure: our own meteorologist Marco La Manno will be there, performing a salsa solo to "Remember Me" from the movie Coco. Doors open at 12, dancing begins at 12:45, and admission is $25.