SARASOTA - Sarasota Sheriff’s Office held their Tweet from the Beat virtual ride along Friday night.

Deputies documented their experience and traffic stops on Twitter to give the public a behind the scenes look at what their everyday shift looks like. Deputy Allyson Nichols was one of the officers on patrol. She stopped to talk to some kids and give them their honorary junior deputy badges.

Spokeswoman Kaitlin Perez says this virtual ride along helps the public connect with their members of law enforcement.

“The idea and the concept of Tweet from the Beat is giving community members an opportunity to see how dynamic law enforcement can be,” said Perez. “It’s just so vast and so different no two days are ever the same, so our goal with tweet from the beat is to take our residents behind the scenes for up to 12 hours while we ride with a deputy, and show them what it’s like in Sarasota County on the first official day of spring break.”

The ride along with Deputy Nichols followed her on her first traffic stop of the night where she let the driver off with a warning. Showing the diverse day of a Sarasota County deputy.