CHARLOTTE COUNTY-  When deputies encounter a person who has wandered off and is unable communicate or get back home on their own, deputies are faced with a challenge, stressing out the person, caretaker and deputies themselves.

“We have to get medical care for that person. Sometimes that person can end up just having to sit unfortunately in a police station for an extended period of time until we establish who that person is and where they belong, and this kind of alleviates that process," says Charlotte County Sheriff's spokesperson, Katie Heck.

The Take Me Home program is changing the way deputies assist the elderly, nonverbal, disabled and even young children get back home safely.

 “In our computer system, we have the emergency contact information for that person. We can search through any of the descriptors we don’t have to have the person name," said Heck.

Charlotte County Sheriffs spokesperson, Katie Heck says all caretakers  living in, or visiting Charlotte County are welcome to enroll in the free program.

“This is used conjunction with the Lifesaver Program, unfortunately there are perimeters to the Project Lifesaver Program, that there are people that have the tendency to wander but maybe don’t qualify for that program. This is an added benefit anyone can sign up for," said Heck.