SARASOTA - If you’re looking for an excuse to indulge in some sweet pie, Thursday is known as National Pie Day. The day is meant to celebrate a very special irrational number in math, but it also happens to be the birthday of scientist and mathematician Albert Einstein.

We stopped by Sarasota Academy of The Arts where math teacher Jerome Pascuzzi explains the two formulas- one being the area of a circle and the other being the circumference of a circle- behind the famous number that coincides with March 14. We also stop at Yoder's only to find the wildly popular bakery with a lunch line out the door. The Smith’s stopped by Yoder’s on Pi Day for a bit of sweet indulgence.

 “I didn’t think about it until we got in line and we were talking to the person in front of us, of course it’s 3/14," Smith said.

Yoder’s has been nationally recognized for their sweet treats, and while Smith enjoys fan favorite chocolate peanut butter pie, she definitely keeps her sweet tooth satisfied with other options.

 “I like coconut cream, just plain chocolate, my husband always gets strawberry rhubarb and we switch. I get his crust! This is always good here, always good!" Smith said.

Smith and the kids at Sarasota Academy of the Arts can include themselves in the 43% of Americans that celebrate Pi day by eating pie or pi-themed food according to