SARASOTA - Sarasota Police Department paid a visit to Sarasota Memorial Hospital Child Care Center 2 and brought a little fun with them. Together officers and volunteers treated the kids to some hands on demonstrations. With the Suncoast being one of the deadliest areas in the state for pedestrians, Lieutenant Michael Schwieterman says he hopes the visit teaches kids important lessons in safety.

“So we had one of our K9 dogs and we did a demo on obedience, training and handling with the dog. Then we had one of our traffic officers come out with his motorcycle. Then they set up a little demo for the kids to ride their tricycles through to teach them about road safety, to stop at stop signs, to look both ways to make sure it’s safe to cross," Lt. Schwieterman said.

The kids were also fitted with helmets and taught basic bike rules that may save their life one day.