SARASOTA - Sarasota Police Department Dive Team dove into action Wednesday morning. Officers worked to remove a sunken 1974 25-foot Hunter Sailboat from Sarasota Bay near the Van Wezel Performing Arts Center. Captain Bruce King with Sarasota PD Underwater Search and Recovery Unit says the boat being stuck in shallow waters makes recovery a little more difficult on the team.

“We’ve got people on the boat that are being tenders and they’re maintaining the equipment. We have safety diver, Ron Dixon right now is going underneath the boat where we’ve attached some chains and a lift bag. Our hope is to lift the boat out of the mud so we can get a little better attachment points to it," Cpt. King said. 
The abandoned sailboat has been underwater for quite some time causing hazardous conditions to other boaters in the area. Officers were not able to pull the boat out of Sarasota Bay, but plan on trying again.