SARASOTA-  Traveler Numbers are in for February and Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport saw their second straight month of growth,with a 38% increase in travelers to start the year.

“We’ve really kind of jumped the shark and there will be no turning back,” Piccolo said. “The community finally has the level of air service that it deserves.”

And in the next 30 days, an additional 8 new flights will bring the total of non-stop destinations at the airport to 28.

“Last year we did about 1.4 million seats into the airport,” Piccolo said. “This year’s schedule so far is 2.2 million seats.”

Airport President and CEO Rick Piccolo says the new low-cost services are making the airport more accessible.

“I think some of its new travelers,” Piccolo said. “Some of it is just travelers just rediscovering the airport because it’s serving a lot of the destinations they want with the type of service they want, and we’re filling all our aircraft, so the new services have not degraded the old services at all.”

“It makes it a much more of an accessible destination,” President and CEO of the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Heather Kasten said. “And that helps our local economy, our local businesses, and our local hotels and restaurants.”

In addition to bringing in new tourists, the increase in air traffic can help attract businesses looking to expand.

“Don’t discount the corporate sector,” Kasten said. “A lot of people do and I think will continue to come here to do business, and a lot of those flights that people used to come in and out of Tampa, now they’re going to have the opportunity to choose Sarasota to come in and out of.”

But as air traffic increases, you may want to leave for the airport a little earlier.

“There are some very peak periods between 11 o’clock and one o’clock on certain days,” Piccolo said. “Where the delays are a little longer because we have 11 flights in that two hour period.”