VENICE - Check those tires, put on your helmet, and get ready to ride! The City of Venice's Darlene Culpepper has been conducting a 6 mile bike ride each month open to the public. 

"There's nothing for beginners. There's nothing for somebody who hasn't ridden in a long time so I started this ride to really promote people getting back on their bike or getting on the bike for the first time, riding in a group, learning how to communicate, learning how to watch out for each other," Culpepper said. 

Culpepper had her efforts recognized by the Florida Bicycle Association, being named the 2018 Bicycle Professional of the Year in the Sunshine State. 

"It's encouraging bicycle safety in the community and people's efforts to just promote cycling safety," Culpepper said. 

She also loves the opportunity to show off the City of Venice. 

"We get to go down to the jetties. We sometimes see dolphins, we get to ride on a lot of streets that people aren't aware of that are actually really nice to ride on," Culpepper said.