SARASOTA - These residents do not seem to have an ear for music. At least not when it comes to a music location, and all that it entails, in Payne Park. What the Sarasota Orchestra officials heard at the Sarasota City Commission Tuesday was not music to their ears. 

Opponents greatly outnumber supporters at public forum on the Orchestra's proposed facility at Payne Park. The Sarasota Orchestra needs a new home, but building a new performance, administrative and educational facility at city–owned Payne Park is a bad idea according to the public. More than 100 tennis players, residents and neighborhood association members packed into the City Commission chambers to air frustrations about the proposed plan that would demolish the popular Payne Park Tennis Center and reconstruct it at another part of the park.

Coming away from the often–contentious meeting, Orchestra officials said the orchestra will consider the public's input and return to the City Commission with further developments.