BRADENTON-  It was Bride vs. the Log Splitter, the log splitter won, but Doctors at Blake Medical Center wouldn’t let it stay that way.  Miranda Rozamus was helping her dad with yard work when a log splitter amputated three of her fingers.

“So I was helping my dad cut it too big I guess you could say,” Rozamus said. “So I grabbed the piece to do it again and I looked away for a couple of seconds and those 20 seconds I don’t remember.”

She was just two months away from walking down the aisle.

“That was the only thing that ran through my head for the most part,” Rozamus said. “I don’t want to lose my ring, I don’t want it to be cut off, I need my hand for the wedding.”

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Michael Van Vliet says she was a young and healthy, a good patient for a tough reattachment surgery.

 “The process of reattaching that requires to microscopically dissect out all of the individual components of the finger,” Dr. Van Vliet said. “Which is the nerves, the vessels, the tendons, and then obviously the bone.”

The surgery has a lot of risks, but Rozamus decided to go for it.

“Given the fact that the vessels are so small,” Dr. Van Vliet said. “You can run into situations where those vessels clot off after surgery, and if that’s the case you’ll lose the segment that you reattached.”

Rozamus healed well, and has been through months of therapy.

“She’s just been the model patient,” Dr. Van Vliet said. “She’s come to all of her therapy appointments, and she has near perfect range of motion.”

 “It was stressful because I couldn’t do things for myself I had to have help with everything,” Rozaums said. “So we did the wedding all by ourselves, we didn’t go out and get the decorations, we made them, so we had to have help from everyone else, I couldn’t do anything.”

But that say, she was able to put her ring, on her reconstructed fingers.

“I was happy to have my fingers, that’s the root of it,” Rozamus said. “It could have been way worse, it could have been just my hand.”

Rozamus thanks the doctors and medical team, and her family for helping her get through it.