MANATEE - Line dancing and country music are back. Joyland Country Music Nightclub, the popular live music dance hall in Bradenton is under new ownership and will be re-opening after being closed for nearly nine months.

After being closed for almost nine months the Joyland Country Music Club is reopening its doors to the public.

“The Bradenton community is going to have a home again,” says Scott Serbin

Serbin, Co-Owner of Joyland, used to play with his band at the country music club. He says he was saddened by Joyland’s closing but jumped at the chance to re-open.

“The community lost something, we thought we could kinda bring it back and really put a stamp on live music again,” says Serbin.

Pam and John Wyngo moved to Bradenton 12 years ago and have been regulars at Joyalnd since it closed last year. “This was the only local club to come to, so we started dancing here for several years, until they closed and we loved it," says Pam.

Pam and John say they’ve made friends at Joyland and are happy to see some of the changes. “It’s nice to be back and somewhere local and it’s a landmark. I mean it’s an institution in the area," says Pam.  “We have our place and our Joyland back to dance,” says John. 

Serbin says he made very minor changes to the iconic club. He hopes with a bigger stage – bigger stars will stop to play. “I think Joyland really is about the people who come here it’s about the community as much as it is the stage and the bands and that’s why we didn’t want to change too much,” he says.

Joyland will be have soft openings all of February on Fridays and Saturday nights until the big reopening in April. To stay informed of upcoming events and concerts you can check on their webpage.