SARASOTA - Schools from Sarasota and Manatee Counties sent fifth grade classes to the annual Circus Science Machine Presentation conducted by Sarasota's Circus Arts Conservatory. The science experiments has been in the works for several months for the students. 

"The students are given supplies and curriculum for creating a circus machine using dominoes, ramps, and balls of different sizes and shapes and weights and they're asked to create a machine of their own with those items," education outreach manager Karen Bell said. 

The kids then get to see experiments similar to their own come to life at a live circus show. 

"They are all coming here to see a giant-sized circus machine. So, using the same things they used in the classroom but on a bigger level and so they're learning to translate what they can learn in the classroom to a real life situation," Bell said. 

The spectacle includes trapeze artists and acrobats.  

"They like to see the big scale circus machine down at the bottom, it's just cool to see how it's way bigger than compared to our little classroom," Rowlett Academy Teacher Katrina McMurty said. 

Scarlett Moyer admires the skill from the performers. 

"My favorite acts were like the silk where she was doing a bunch of cool acts on it. I also like the trapeze you have to be very brave to put on that act," Moyer said. 

"I liked the tight rope walking because the person needed balanced forces to stay without falling," Rowlett Fifth Grader Cameron Wolf said.