SARASOTA - The government shutdown has been in effect for more than 20 days and TSA agents are feeling the results. Sarasota Bradenton International Airport is operating as normal and does not anticipate dealing with any direct issues. Employees of SRQ are privately contracted and only a very small number of agents are going without pay. Chief Operating Officer Mark Stuckey is confident in the airport's ability to cover traveler's needs during the shutdown.

“At the airport here we have the FAA air traffic controls, we have our customs agents and we also have the screeners at the check point and they are being paid at this time. So, although we don’t anticipate any delays at our airport, there could be trickle down effects from other airports where there may be issues," Stuckey said. 

Other airports within the state, such as Miami International are starting to feel the effects from the government shutdown. TSA officials who supervisor the screeners at SRQ are among those that will not be receiving a paycheck.

SRQ says they will adjust as needed but are having no employee related issues to the shutdown at the moment.