SARASOTA COUNTY - Two Miami men were arrested Wednesday night, for assaulting officers and using fake drivers licenses at a Sarasota Home Depot. Deputies from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office were called to the Home Depot off Cattleman Road for a man acting suspicious while attempting to open a line of credit.

Deputies say 35 year old Shawn Mauriceau of Miami checked his phone several times while being asked for information like his phone number, address, and more.

Deputies ran his information and learned the ID's information did not match Mauriceau's description. Mauriceau then struck a deputy in the face before being handcuffed.

Meanwhile, the man seen driving to the store with Mauriceau, was identified as 35-year-old, Junior Paul. When asked for identification, he opened the glove compartment, where multiple driver’s licenses fell out. Paul then pushed a deputy out of his way before fleeing on foot down Cattlemen Road, . Six stolen driver's licenses were recovered.

Paul and Mauriceau remain in the Sarasota County Jail.