SARASOTA-  Sarasota’s Downtown Electric Rideshare service I-ride is relaunching as Gotcha. The service is moving from a free-advertised funded service to a pay-per person service. Riders can now use an app or hail down a driver in the road instead of calling a phone number. Each ride is $3 per person. CEO Sean Flood says the service is still less-expensive than competitors and believes ridership will continue to expand.

 “In the first year of operation,” Flood said. “We gave 50,000 trips in the first 12 months using 7 vehicles, so just in the downtown area that really moved the needle with getting people out of their vehicles. We think actually this will increase it because of the availability and access to it, so having vehicles out more often, being able to use the app and flag it down, and I think the consistency around the service is really going to increase ridership.”

Gotcha plans on expanding the fleet of cars and service area as demand increases.  For more information visit