BRADENTON - A state of the art S.T.E.M. truck was put on public display at State College of Florida Thursday. 

"Today we have a S.T.E.M. truck to get the word out about some of the programs that the Army has. Most people think it's about, just, you know, shooting and getting shot at but we have a lot of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics that's involved in the United States Army," Staff Sergeant Nathan Pratcher said. 

"It opens a lot of perspectives about what we do. Myself, I was trained as a 25 Sierra which is a satellite communications operator maintainer. So, science and technology is a really big part of what I do every day in the Army," Pratcher said. 

The truck gave one tourist a new perspective on how these heroes fight. 

"Although we see that the Army truck is here and they're having these videos set u[p and some models fr us to see inside the trailer there, that isn't to say that the same thing isn't happening for other militaries across the seas as well. So, I guess my learning feature for that is innovation is key when it comes to winning the fight," Student Veteran Luis Ortega said. 

The walk through left another student a bit skeptcal. 

"It's interesting, very sci-fi and I'm not sure how practical everything is. It's different when you actually apply what's being presented versus what is," State College student Matthew Snyder said.